Pip - Spent what seemed like a lifetime in horticulture. Had the delight in childhood of travelling, pretty well every year, to France and sampling escargots, champagne and foie gras whilst his peers were stuck in England enjoying the delights of 60's English cuisine.
Probably accounts for his passion, some might say obsession, with food. 3 times in Masterchef regional finals, just failing to make it to the TV and runner-up in Raymond Blanc's national cooking competition.
Kim - Has been a teacher all her working life. Teaching Special Needs, PSHE and Maths at the The King's School in Ely.
Kim has always been a passionate artist, working in most mediums but her favourite is watercolour. She won the Painters in the Street competition in Ségur in our second summer there and has won it again in 2009 and was 2nd in 2011. In 2013 she won it again. Since then she has opened the gallery for our summer visit and has had numerous commissions from far and wide. In the village of St. Robert, another of the Plus Beaux Villages, not far away they also have an annual painting contest. Kim won their contest in 2008 and won it again in 2010.
Combining the two talents of teaching and art has given her the opportunity to offer lessons when we are in the village at Easter or summer. Young or old, it makes no difference to your ability to produce your own work of art.

Pip and Kim take an active part in this tight-knit community, both helping with events during the busy summer period. Pip is a member of the Les Amis de Ségur committee and hopefully represents the village members of various nationalities. Pip and Kim are now retired and share their time between England and France with a variety of trips exploring a host of other countries.

Another of Kim's interests is dolls houses and miniatures. Below are some photos of a diorama Kim recently made of an old 2CV in familiar French setting, it is only about 17cm x 12cm x 8cm, and below that is a four storey shop with toy shop on the ground floor, map & print shop above, studio above that and junk filled attic at the top.

Kim has added needle felting to her talents and after making some very small wild animals she has made homes for them - they are around 20cms tall. Some pics below. Water rat's home, squirrel's place and bottom is the rabbit's.


At the end of the school year Pip and Kim moved into the next facet of their lives by going into retirement. The plan is to move permanently to the village but spend quite a bit of time exploring more of Europe.
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